Where some reporters have gone

  Editor and Publisher, the venerable newspaper trade journal that suffers along with the industry it watches, offers some clues about the fate of some professional reporters in a currently contracting industry.

   Interestingly (or foolishly), two publishers best known for launching publications during newspaper strikes have announced plans to offer a third newspaper in Detroit. They have hired several Motor City journalists laid off by the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News. The two papers are in a joint operating agreement and have agreed to carve up the week, with each offering home delivery only on certain days. The new daily, which will sell for half the price, will be offered seven days a week.

     In Miami, professional journalists are being tapped to help launch The Herald’s Community News Network, a series of micro-Websites aimed at individual suburbs around the city. Once launched, The Herald intends to have little to do with them, intending for the communities to support their sites with content and conversation. This is similar to (with a more hands-off) to the Washington Post’s attempt to launch mini-sites in suburbs around the city.

     Is it just me or does anyone else find it interesting that when these  longtime brands want to start something new they turn to the folks they once had in their midst?


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