Back to the beginning

 As sifted through my recent blogs, I noticed something – I have fallen more into general critiques of the news industry, rather than promoting the idea of making a space in the New World for professional reporters, those poor benighted souls who get their shekels by being reporters.

  The two, of course, are tightly linked.  In order for reporters to be reporters, to spend their time and energies shining light in dark corners, somebody has to pay them. There has to be an infrastructure behind them and in front of them. In other words, reporters rely on others to keep their computers functioning, to write their pay checks, to do all the administrative tasks that go along with being a working journalists.

   They also rely on others to create and maintain the channel by which they transmit their journalism. Whether its over the Internet or by way of the daily printed page, somebody has to keep the servers running and the trucks on the road.

    I’m not saying that critiquing the industry is a bad thing. The industry needs all the critiquing it can get. But, Big Media is undergoing a relentless onslaught of both outside criticism and self-reflection.

    My main point: Journalism as done by full-time, professional reporters is important. To me. To you. To anybody interested in the idea of representative democracy.

   So, stay tuned for further posts that, I promise, will do more than ramble on about corporate nonsense.


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