AP seeks to capitalize on war

   The venerable Associated Press, the worldwide news conglomerate that is a “non-profit” in the same way Bill Gates is a “philanthropist,” says it wants to take advantage of the search war now underway between Microsoft and Google.

   (Yikes… check out Bing’s home  page today… I’m thinking Bing has a way to go to compete with Google.)

bing    How would it do that? By offering well-heeled clients the option of paying more for its stories 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the world. Presumably, the idea is to get deep pockets like Microsoft to come up with huge dollars to be first with breaking news.

     This is important because Web statistics are pretty clear. He who goes first gets the best traffic and therefore makes more money by serving up ads. Of course, AP is not discussing how this supposed new river of cash would benefit its newspaper and broadcast clients, who continue to supply the bulk of the wire service’s state reports.

     Neither is AP discussing how this would benefit the thousands of journalists it employs around the world – professional reporters. Just a thought. The role of AP in the changing media landscape is just one of many questions that should be pondered.


One Response to “AP seeks to capitalize on war”

  1. Hans Says:

    This is nuts! It’s one more way Dean Singleton is trying to ruin the AP.

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